Out and about

23 May 2015

The Thursday Beaver colony has recently been on two trips out.  Two weeks ago we went rock pooling on Rottingdean Beach at low tide.  The Beavers were enthusiastic about finding creatures but their enthusiasm appeared to make a lot of the wild life run for cover!  However a few crabs were found and captured in buckets, photographed and then carefully put back.

OutOff we go!


We then went on a walk to the Chattri Monument high up on the Downs after learning all about the Indian soldiers who were cared for in the Brighton Pavilion during the First World War.  We saw the place where those that died were cremated and enjoyed the countryside walking to and from the memorial.  Both trips go towards badges.

Sixteen Beavers at the ChattriScout sign at ChattriSixteen Beavers waving at the ChattriBadger photo bombs!